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    Dry Cleaning Delivery Virginia Beach

    Dry Cleaning Delivery

    Dry Cleaning Delivery

    Are you a busy professional struggling with keeping up with the errands around the house like dry cleaning? Or maybe you are a busy house wife who does not have one more minute in her day to spare. Let Errand Wizards of Virginia Beach help. Errand Wizards, LLC can pick up and delivery your dry cleaning to your specifications to all Virginia Beach communities. Weather it’s a one time deal or a once a week set up to pick up and deliver your clothes to your favorite dry cleaners, making dry cleaning simpler and more convenient than ever before saving you the time and hassle.

    It doesn’t have to be just dry cleaning, it can be laundry service, tailored clothes or shoe repair service. Whatever your errand needs are that you don’t have time for Errand Wizards can magically make it happen!

    We can even do the research and call around for the best prices, or closest service provider in your area if you don’t already have a favorite!

    So, what are you waiting for, call us or fill out the form to your right and you can stop running around and make going to the dry cleaners as easy as stepping outside your front door.

    Corporate Dry Cleaning Delivery

    Errand Wizards wants to be the most popular perk for working for your company! We can save youremployees time and money each week on the pick up and delivery of their cleaning items. Whether you are a Fortune 500 Corporation or a small business, Errand Wizards is committed to help make your employee’s days run smoother.

    Call your personal assistant (or Personal Wizard we should say) for more information about setting up a predetermined schedule and the best arrangement for your employee perk plans.